Online Credit Card Validator

We offer validation for both credit card as well as a debit card and the tool are entirely free to use without charging even a single penny. You can validate the details of the card such as Card Brand, Luhn Validation, BIN details, Issuing bank, and Country.

What is credit card validation ?

Simply put, it is an easy to use tool that would be highly advantageous to know the validity of the card numbers which can be easily used on different platforms. Our tool proffers you all the info about the card which you can easily verify and make sure that the card is valid. Our tools are based on Luhn Algorithms and we use them to check all the card numbers for validating.Also, we evaluate it for Checksum Validation. The validator checks all details such as MII (Major Industry Identifier), INN (Issuer Identification Number), PAN (Personal Account Number), and the validations of checksum &Luhn about the card details that you have filled.

Also, you have manually check over the IIN to verify all card numbersthat you have.

How to execute Manual Card Validation?

Luhn Algorithm is used to calculate the credit card number with that of the checksum. We have some steps below with the help of which anyone can perform manual validation:

1. First off, fill in the last digit that is considered as the Checksum Digit that will be used to verify the credit card.

2. Enter the credit card number in the available field.

3. Now, tap on the validate button as given.

4. The validator tool will show you all the details.

Why use a credit card validator?

It is vital to bear in mind that whenever the cards are being used, the merchant loses. The consumer of a stolen credit card does not get hooked and there will be no effect on the credit card companies.

But the merchant always maintains a distance from such products as well as services as offered, and the resources needed to figure out the fight & fraud against the CC company. If the fraudulent transactions get occurred in bulk, then the processing fee will be high, costly chargebacks,and even losing the merchant account with the ability to run business.

To stay away from risks and eliminate these through automation, we are here to assist you with the help of this tool. Simply, go for an online card validatortool &it will help you out to cope up with the fraud and boost the sales of credit cards.

Digits in a Credit card

1. Visa and Visa Electron have 13 to 16 digits.

2. Mastercard has 16.

3. Discover has 16.

4. AMEX has 15.

5. Diner’s Club has 14, involving international, Blanche and enRoute)

6. Maestro has 12 to 19.

7. The laser has 16 to 19.

8. JCB has 15 to 16 digits.

9. China UnionPay has 16 digits.

10. The switch has 16, 18, and 19.

The CC number hasbeen entered in the validator by following the use of validation. However, we don’t store credit cards for security reasons.